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Message from Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Honda is pleased to announce that as of 18th May 2015, KAH MOTOR CO. SDN. BHD. (3954-X) has been officiated as an Authorized Honda Body and Paint Dealer.
The detail of the new Body & Paint Dealership is as follows:-
Company Name : Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd. (3954-X)
Address :
122-J, Lengkok Sungai Pinang
10150 Pulau Pinang
General Manager : Mr Buddy Ong
Phone Number   +604-2638 244
BP Manager : Mr. Credeance Ch’ng Hun Ming
Phone Number : 012-519 9880
E-mail :
Phone Number : 04-281 5100
Fax Number : 04-281 5409

Message from UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd
Address to            : All Insurance Companies

Subject                 : UMW Toyota Motor Authorised 3S Dealers and Body & Paint Centres
No Outlet State
1. SP Selatan Otomobil Sdn Bhd Kedah
2. Telagamas Motors Sdn Bhd Kedah
3. E.S Yang Motor Sdn Bhd Johor
4. Hong Huat Automobile Sdn Bhd Johor
5. Hiewa Auto B&P Sdn Bhd Johor
6. Wing Hin Automobile Sdn Bhd Selangor
7. Distinctive Model Sdn Bhd Selangor
8. UMW Toyotsu Motors Sdn Bhd Selangor
9. Panglima City Motor Sdn Bhd **(Effective 4 May 2015) Selangor
10. HLT Bentong Sdn Bhd Pahang
Please be informed that all UMWT authorised Body & Paint Centres would be adopting the same labour charges of RM75.00 per hour and parts discount set by us.
Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Mok Choon Meng (Body & Paint
Planning) at 03-5123 6666 or Ms. Adeline Chee (Executive, B&P Planning) at 03-5123 6754.

MRCDB90.0 Updated

MRCDB90.0 with new models Ford Focus 4 Dr Saloon 2.0 TITANIUM/TITANIUM+ [2012-] & 5 Dr H/Back 2.0 SPORT/SPORT+ [2012-],  Honda HR-V 5 Dr SUV 1.8 S/E/V [2015-] and Toyota Innova MPV 2.0 E(A), E(M) & G(A) [2014-] have been uploaded, including updates to Kia, Mazda & Naza Franchise pricings.


Received from MRC: Tuesday 12/05/2015

Uploaded to Merimen: Tuesday 12/05/2015

Message from E.P. Ong Associates Sdn Bhd
We have the pleasure to announce the opening of our Kelantan branch .
E.P. Ong Associates sdn Bhd (Kelantan)
PT 875, Tingkat 2
Pengkalan Chepa
15400 Kota Bharu,
Email : kbmotor@epongassociates.com.my
Tel :  09-7472385
Fax:  09-7470335

MRCDB89.1 Updated

MRCDB89.1 have been uploaded, with updates to Honda, Perodua (West & East Malaysia) & Proton Franchise pricings, and Honda Non-Franchise pricings.


Received from MRC: Thursday 30/04/2015

Uploaded to Merimen: Thursday 30/04/2015


Please note that some Manufacturers have revised many of their part prices. The latest reference price from MRC will be displayed. Please check your estimates before submission.

NOTICE TO ALL REPAIRERS By Management of Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Bhd.
As regulated by the GST Act 2015, all bills issued to us by a GST Registered Person must comply strictly to the rules stated therein.
In addition to the usual information that is in your final bill, compulsory information that must be contained in the Tax Invoice are:
  •          Your Tax Invoice (Bill) must show your Company Name, address and Your Company GST Registration Number.
  •          Our Name Must be fully and correctly spell as “Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Bhd”
  •          Your Bill must be printed with title “Tax Invoice”
  •          Must have the  Invoice Serial Number
  •          Date of Invoice
  •          GST Rate of 6% must be stated
  •          Breakdown showing the Nett Repair Amount (after excess clause), Add in 6% GST and amount of GST clearly stated and total amount including GST.
Take Note that any bill submitted to us that does not conform to the regulation stated therein will be returned to you for re-issuance.
Payment will not be released until you let us have the Tax Invoice as per the format required by Royal Malaysian Custom department (RMCD).
You are also require to prepare your invoice electronically using the Merimen System so as to meet the requirement of maintaining electronic invoice for audit purpose. 
Our Vendor’s system is programmed to meet the requirement set by RMCD and are auto calculated to eliminate errors and omission.

Message from PIAM
We refer to our letter dated 31 Mar 15 on the above matter.
The PARS Committee has given a further extension of 1 month for all existing PARS workshops
whose status had been automatically extended to 30 Apr 15, to now expire on the 31 May 15.
Thank you.

MRCDB89.0 Updated

MRCDB89.0 with new models Infiniti Q50 4 Dr Saloon 2.0 GT Standard & Premium [2014-], Peugeot 3008 5 Dr SUV 1.6 [2014-], Peugeot 408 4 Dr Saloon 1.6 & 2.0 [2012-], Toyota Camry 4 Dr Saloon 2.0 E, G, GX & 2.5 V [2012-2015] have been uploaded, including updates to Suzuki Franchise pricings.


Received from MRC: Wednesday 15/04/2015

Uploaded to Merimen: Wednesday 15/04/2015


Message From PIAM KFK Committees
Dear All Adjusters,
Please be informed that there is a directive from PIAM that all TP claims created must have Handling Insurer indicated. For further enquiries, please contact PIAM.

MRCDB88.3 Updated

MRCDB88.3 with updates to Honda, Hyundai, Inokom, Proton and Toyota Franchise pricings have been uploaded.


Received from MRC: Thursday 02/04/2015

Uploaded to Merimen: Thursday 02/04/2015


Message from PIAM
Due to the migration of the PARS to our electronic platform, the PARS Committee has
given a one-time blanket extension of 1 month for all existing PARS workshops whose
status is expiring on 31 Mar 15, to expire on the 30 Apr 15.
The status of all renewal applications will henceforth be officially notified by way of e-mail
to them instead of by post after the e-PARS is established.
With effect 1 April 15 all communications and transactions concerning PARS will be
handled by way of e-PARS.